The coronavirus outbreak has changed everything, but it hasn’t been able to stop family and friends from celebrating birthdays while safely social distancing.

A birthday parade was held for Grace Andel in Breckenridge, Minnesota on Thursday, April 16 to celebrate her turning 100.

“I don’t know how many cars there was, but I wasn’t expecting that,” Andel said. “I’ll never forget it.”

Andel and family expected to throw a celebration in honor of her 100th birthday this year, however, due to the novel coronavirus pandemic outbreak those plans abruptly changed. However, family and friends still wanted to celebrate and share their adoration for Andel. The Daily News previously shared a story about Andel that her family helped contribute to and this birthday parade was another way to celebrate.

Breckenridge Police Chief Kris Kaarlgard, followed by two Breckenridge Fire Department trucks, escorted a parade of nearly 60 vehicles down a Breckenridge neighborhood to honk, wave and say happy birthday to Andel.

Vehicles drove down the road honking, waving and shouting birthday wishes from afar. Some decorated their vehicles in balloons and signs to help Andel celebrate. Neighbors also made signs wishing her a happy 100th birthday.

While an unusual celebration, it seems to be that amid the coronavirus pandemic and the need for social distancing, birthday parades are the new wave of celebration.

Because the birthday parades have people in their individual cars, neighbors stayed their yards, and family and friends celebrating practiced social distancing from anyone not in their household, it was safe event.

Daily News Publisher Tara Klostreich recorded the parade which can be found at on our Facebook page,

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