Birchwood Psychological Center, located in Breckenridge, Minnesota is offering a free online parenting class, Love and Logic. Wilkin County Children’s Collaborative will be sponsoring this course from 6-8 p.m. on Mondays, July 13-Aug. 10.

“It’s important for the parent and the caretaker to learn some of those skills because it really is one more way to help families be successful,” said Allie Skjonsberg, licensed social worker and educator of the course. “Parenting has changed and maybe gotten a little more difficult and so I think that giving them tangible, practical skills that they can utilize is helpful because I feel like people are at a loss of where to go with parenting.”

The class will last for six weeks, each week with a different subject. The classes will be: Putting an end arguing, back talking and begging; Teaching responsibility without losing their love; Setting limits without waging wars; Avoiding power struggle; Guiding children to own and solve their problems; and Teachings kids to complete chores without reminders and without pay.

“It’s nice because all the subjects go together but you can miss one and not be lost so that is kind of nice. I know summer is a busy time for people,” Skjonsberg said.

The course is open for parents, daycare workers, foster parents anyone who has a significant role in a child’s life. The course prioritizes Wilkin County residents, however, if the class does not fill then surrounding counties will be able to register.

“In the previous sessions I have had, (it) has really opened up for a lot of good conversation,” she said. “It’s also a way for parents and caretakers to come together and realize that ‘Hey, I am not the only one struggling with certain situations or questions.’ It’s nice to know that they are not alone.”

The course will be held through a virtual platform and include videos, readings from a workbook and open discussion.

The class will touch on how to set enforceable limits, how to stay calm and empathetic with a difficult behaving child, incorporating the child into decision-making and navigating caretaking during a time of heavy social-media accessibility.

For more information, or to register, call 218-643-9330 or email

“The class ultimately provides practical skills for parents or caretakers,” Skjonsberg said. “With the world right now, this class can definitely be beneficial. Everyone always has something more to learn.”

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