Hankinson man accused of property theft

Aaron Medenwaldt.

Aaron Lee Medenwaldt, 36, made his initial appearance before Richland County District Court Monday, Jan. 14.

The Hankinson, North Dakota man is charged with one count of property theft. It is a class C felony charge.

Through an investigation conducted by the Richland County Sheriff’s Office, Medenwaldt is accused of knowingly taking or having unauthorized control over a firearm with the intent to deprive its owner.

On Nov. 21, 2018, Medenwaldt and Jeremiah Medenwald were speaking with a few other individuals at The EDJ, a bar in Hankinson. According to court documents, an argument started and the bartender kicked the entire group out of the bar.

“A physical altercation took place outside of the bar,” documents stated.

Aaron Medenwaldt allegedly entered Medenwald’s vehicle and removed a 30-06 Remington rifle that was owned by Medenwald’s father, Terrance.

Medenwaldt then allegedly went to the Medenwald home, arriving at approximately 2 a.m. He spoke with Roxann Medenwald, Jeremiah’s mother and Terrance’s wife.

“The defendant told Roxann that Jeremiah had admitted to stealing from the defendant,” documents continued. “The defendant also said he had a gun belonging to the Medenwalds and that he wouldn’t give it back until Jeremiah pays for the things he stole.”

Medenwaldt allegedly told a Richland County Sheriff’s deputy that he had taken the gun with the intention of holding onto it until Jeremiah paid him for gas and other property Jeremiah had stolen.

Richland County Assistant State’s Attorney Casey Moen represents the state of North Dakota. Attorney Erica Chisholm represents Medenwaldt. Judge Bradley Cruff presides.

Bail was set at a personal recognizance bond. This means Medenwaldt didn’t have to post any money, just promise to appear at his next hearing. He is also to have no contact with the victims.

The maximum penalty for a class C felony is five years imprisonment, a $10,000 fine, or both.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 11.

Medenwaldt is not currently confined in the Richland County Jail.

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