Josh Nack sworn in to Breckenridge Police Department

Breckenridge Police Officer Josh Nack takes his oath of office at a Monday, Jan. 10 city council meeting. 

Former Wilkin County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Josh Nack was sworn in to the Breckenridge Police Department Monday, Jan. 10 during a Breckenridge, Minnesota, City Council meeting. Nack will serve as a part-time police officer.

A handful of Breckenridge police officers, Breckenridge Police Chief Kris Karlgaard, and Nack’s family and friends were present at Monday’s meeting to show their support.

Nack grew up in Barnesville, Minnesota, and initially attended Moorhead State University to pursue a teaching degree. He didn’t come from a law enforcement family, but he was intrigued by the world of law enforcement. After thinking about what he truly wanted out of his future career, Nack transferred to Alexandria Technical College in Alexandria, Minnesota.

“I’m a people person,” Nack said. “I like working with people, being out and about and meeting with people and helping them in times of need, and that’s kind of what brought me to it. It was always something I’d been interested in.”

Nack has been involved in law enforcement for 19 years, beginning with the Wilkin County Sheriff’s Office in 2003. He left his position as chief deputy in July 2021 to help out a family business in Wisconsin, but ultimately decided to return to Breckenridge to be closer to his immediate family.

“I love being in law enforcement. I’ve always loved being in it. When you do law enforcement for so long, it basically becomes part of you and who you are, so coming back and having this opportunity to get on with Breckenridge came up at the right time and I was lucky enough to get the position,” he said.

Nack said he decided to pursue a position with the police department because Breckenridge is where he has called home for the past 19 years.

“I am comfortable and wanting to get back into the town where I was living at and from … I just wanted to come back and be a part of it again,” he said.

Karlgaard said he is excited to welcome Nack to the department, especially with Nack’s wealth of experience. It’s uncommon that they have a candidate with around two decades of history in law enforcement.

Nack said he is excited about the different duties he will have as a patrol officer. His former position as chief deputy was an administrative role, meaning lots of paperwork and supervision.

“I love to patrol, I just didn’t get much time to do it because I was too busy doing office duties and supervision type things,” Nack said. “Now, I will just solely be working with the people and where the needs are in the department. It’ll be more just being out on the road working.”

Nack will be a patrol officer, so he will be responding to calls for service, complaints, investigations — the normal duties, Karlgaard said.

“Josh brings a lot of years of experience with him in law enforcement and we’re short handed right now and he will definitely be a big asset to helping us cover shifts,” Karlgaard said.

Nack hopes his years of experience and intimate knowledge of the area will help him in his new role. He also hopes he can pass on wisdom to the younger officers and help them become the best they can be. Nack has trained many officers in, so he is looking forward to being a trusted source and a helping hand for the other officers.

“Young guys, unfortunately, start out and get the short end of the stick unless they’re from here,” Nack said. “They don’t get that knowledge of who’s who, and what belongs where until they’ve been here a while. So by having my experience and my knowledge of the area and being a part of this community for so long, luckily I’m starting out with all of that already in my toolbox. … I am excited to be back and looking forward to what this looks like moving forward. I’m very excited about the future, honestly.”

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