Klindt seeks reelection for second term on Wilkin County Board

Klindt, an aerial applicator with Wilbur-Ellis and the owner of Luxury Limo Bus, wants to make sure that Wilkin County residents can have their voices heard at the local level. 

Wilkin County Commissioner Eric Klindt, who represents District 1, is seeking re-election for his second term. He is running unopposed.

“It felt like it was something that I could do and that I wanted to do,” Klindt said. “I’ve loved representing everyone. Whether that be my constituents or the employees of Wilkin County that work for everyone in the county. I would still like to be more connected. It’s great people that I get to represent and that work for the county.”

Klindt, an aerial applicator with Wilbur-Ellis and the owner of Luxury Limo Bus, said he looks forward to continuing to serve his community, which he wants to keep safe and clean while representing his constituents if re-elected in November. He especially wants to make sure that residents can have their voices heard at the local level.

“I thoroughly enjoyed going to peoples’ door asking for their vote last election. I still like to do that, even if I am running unopposed. Because there is a handful that want to sit and visit and talk about what is going on in the county and what is the county doing for them,” he said. “I want to know that and I want them to be represented well.”

He describes himself as a get it done person, although the government doesn’t work as fast as he does.

“Dealing with challenges we have met, deciding and finding solutions,” Klindt said. “I’ve done my best to try and get things done as quick as I’d like. That’s the best part – seeing things done in the county that you maybe had a part in.”

Klindt, a lifelong resident of Wilkin County, has been an aerial applicator since 1997, primarily in Wilkin and Richland counties. He’s also owned and operated Luxury Limo Bus since 1999 and is a member of several local committees.

Piloting a plane has given him a unique perspective on the county, he said, which is a good advantage.

“I get a birds-eye view of the county and so I have a little bit of a different perspective,” he said.

Klindt recently helped assist local fire departments and law agencies with dropping water over the straw and hay fire at Masonite Primewood that started Friday, Aug. 21.

Serving as a Wilkin County Commissioner has been a huge learning experience due to the coronavirus pandemic. Although, Klindt said that the county has handled it very well.

“I think we have been very well organized as a county to be able to deal with this and I think that the residents have responded well with limited government capabilities. But we are still able to get drivers licenses done and people are still able to sell land and get land recorded, the highway department, sheriff's department, family services, it's all continuing to work well amid this,” he said.

The greatest part of about a commissioner, Klindt said, has been representing the people of Wilkin County and seeing initiatives lead to positive changes for the county.

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