Local youth want to make wishes come true

Adonica Good's fourth graders at Wahpeton Elementary School raised the most money in 2021 for the annual Coins for Wishes drive benefiting Make-A-Wish North Dakota. With just days left of the drive, and hopes for a lot more being raised, it is anyone's guess who will take the top spot for '22.

It’s not too late to participate in the sixth annual Coins for Wishes drive Wahpeton Elementary School students are holding for Make-A-Wish North Dakota.

Since Monday, Jan. 3, Wahpeton youth in grades 1-5 have been collecting money for the internationally known charitable organization. It’s both a matter of classroom pride and a chance to do their part for a good cause.

“The class that contributes the most wins a party,” Wish Granter Kaycee Fuder said. “Taking part is not limited to only a student’s family.”

Individuals who know a Wahpeton Elementary School student, perhaps as a neighbor or member of the extended family, are encouraged to take part in Coins for Wishes. Donations are also welcome even if, say, someone wanted to contribute on behalf of everyone in the classroom.

“We have lots of ways of reaching out,” Fuder said. “You can also contact me or any other wish granter through social media for more information.”

As of Thursday, Jan. 13, approximately $700 had been raised for Make-A-Wish North Dakota by Wahpeton Elementary School students. Last year, more than $3,410 was raised. The students and supporters are hopeful for success in the drive’s last stretch.

“We hope to have a winner determined Wednesday, Jan. 19, with a party on Thursday, Jan. 20,” Fuder said.

The 2021 drive raised $3,414.81 at Wahpeton Elementary School, a new record that included the $622.73 raised by the winning fourth grade class taught by Adonica Good.

“Students were encouraged to help bring in any donation they could, whether it was coins found under couch cushions or with some help from their parents,” Daily News previously reported.

Daily News and News Monitor’s upcoming Profile, “Stronger Together, The Power of Community,” includes a closer look at how Make-A-Wish North Dakota has improved lives and become a cornerstone in the Red River Valley.

“(Our mission is) creating strength, hope and transformation in a child and community,” the organization stated.

Fuder and Tori Schrantz, Make-A-Wish North Dakota’s communications and development manager, share both their stories and how you can get involved to further the cause.

“Don’t forget to watch for details to come about our upcoming winter fundraisers,” Fuder said. “Stay tuned.”

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