WAHPETON — Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative, which announced in November it was working to find a source point for strong odors, issued an update Wednesday, Nov. 27. It reads:

“As mentioned earlier, we have had assistance from two third-party environmental expert groups to help us find the source point of the intermittent odors over the recent weeks. We made a change to our waste process, and thought we had the situation resolved, as odors were greatly reduced for a period of time.

Unfortunately, the unusual odors have emanated again, and again, are intermittent in nature. We have been in contact with Mayor Dale to update him on the investigation of the odorsources, and also in contact with the state of North Dakota.The state of North Dakota has sent staff to assist in determining the odor source and we are appreciative of their help.

We too are frustrated by the difficulty in finding the odor source, as the intermittent nature of the odor makes it difficult to pinpoint. Multiple teams of employees have inspected thefacilities on a daily basis, with assistance from third-party personnel.

Thanks for your understanding as we continue to do what we can to resolve the situation.”

The statement is credited to Kurt Wickstrom, Minn-Dak’s president and CEO. A meeting of the Mayor’s Ad-Hoc Committee on Environmental Odors is scheduled for 5:15 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 12 at Wahpeton City Hall.

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