After a lengthy hearing in Wilkin County District Court, Kevin James Iverson, 35, was sentenced to 344 months in prison – nearly 29 years – on Tuesday, Jan. 21, for sexual molestation charges against a minor over.

Iverson previously pleaded guilty to six felony counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor and two gross misdemeanor charges of criminal sexual conduct on Nov. 5, 2019.

“The hardest part is to move forward, to revisit the memories,” the victim’s mother said. She was the first to provide a victim impact statement.

She said that Iverson had created a facade to herself in their relationship and that he had manipulated her into believing that he was a good father.

The victim and her siblings also provided detailed impact statements.

After the statements, Iverson addressed Judge Charles Glasrud, claiming remorse, grief and acceptance of his guilt for the crimes.

Carl Thunem, Wilkin County attorney, argued that Iverson should be sentenced based not only on the sexual molestation but also on the damages that will have a long-lasting impact to the victim.

Derek Ganzhorn, the defense attorney, argued in his statement that Iverson should not be sentenced to the maximum allowed because he was not a “monster,” although he committed a heinous crime. Ganzhorn said that before this crime, Iverson was a law-abiding citizen, provided financial support to the family and had served overseas while in the National Guard.

After statements were read, Judge Glasrud took a brief break to collect his thoughts and review the sentencing charges.

“You’re incredibly brave to come forward, so many don’t,” Judge Glasrud said to the victim. “This doesn’t have to define you.”

Judge Glasrud said to Iverson that he affected an entire family and took the innocence of a young girl.

“This is a tragic case for everybody,” Judge Glasrud said.

Ultimately, Judge Glasrud sentenced Iverson to 344 months – 28 and two-third years – in prison with 516 days of credit for time already spent in Wilkin County Jail.

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