Mural underway in Breckenridge

Muralists Shawn McCann and Kimberly Wood are working on a mural along the floodwall in Breckenridge, Minnesota. The mural is expecting to be complete next week. 

A mural along the floodwall in Breckenridge, Minnesota is underway.

Muralist Shawn McCann began painting the mural on the evening of Monday, July 27, starting at the river border with Wahpeton, North Dakota and extending east approximately 120 feet near Thrifty White Pharmacy. McCann and Artist Kimberly Wood continued the project on Wednesday and will finish the project next week. 

The project started last year when there was an interest in bringing a music festival to the community. Additionally, the desire to have a mural in Breckenridge was being kicked around for quite a while among the Three Rivers Art Council. The council decided to combine elements of a mural and a musical festival and apply for a grant.

Because there was a greater chance for a local government to apply for the Minnesota grant instead of an established art organization where there is more competition, the city of Breckenridge applied for a $10,000 grant to fund this project.

The funding is being divided in half between the mural project and the music festival. Lori Jensen and Breckenridge Librarian and Three Rivers Art Council Erin Gunderson wrote the grant together.

“It looks good for our city to bring good news and a good reputation,” Gunderson said. “We really want to promote the city.”

The first annual Headwaters Musical Festival will take place Thursday, Aug. 6 and Friday, Aug. 7. Performances will alternate between Breckenridge and Wahpeton. Although the funding from the Minnesota grant will only be able to fund Breckenridge’s part of the music festival.

The mural will feature the city’s name, a river, an ox cart which pays tribute to the Metis people who lived in the region once, the steamboat Anson Northrup, the Wahpeton-Breckenridge trolley, a few buildings, and a train. Gunderson said it will be a great spot for tourists to stop and take photos with.

“It should be really phenomenal and a real gem for our community,” she said.

McCann hopes that in the future, there will be funding that could finish off the rest of the flood wall. He said that having an eclectic design of art is what he hopes to see for the future of the floodwall.

“It’s great to see that there will be a mural in Breckenridge,” McCann said.

McCann has worked on the mural located at the Chahinkapa Zoo and the mural off of Dakota Avenue on Fourth Street in Wahpeton.

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