Music in the Park

Kroshus & Krew played for an audience of approximately 60 people last week to kick off the Music in the Park season.

“If anyone’s alive out there, wave,” Tilford Kroshus said Wednesday, June 5 in Wahpeton.

Shortly before sunset, Kroshus was once again holding court at the band shelter in Chahinkapa Park. It was opening night of Music in the Park, hosted each summer by Wahpeton Parks and Recreation.

Kroshus & Krew, the band, played for an audience of approximately 60. Guitarist Greg Goerdt, bassist Chuck Boem and drummer Jimmy Hoaby joined their former teacher for a well-received concert.

“My dad calls me ‘sonny’ cause I’m so bright,” said Kroshus, making a pun.

Between the jokes, the musicians played a variety of songs. “Ring of Fire” and “Margaritaville,” traditions of the Kroshus & Krew set, were followed by “Roll Out the Barrel.” It featured the ever-popular staging of Kroshus balancing a trombone on his head.

“Pretty good for an old man, huh?” Kroshus said.

Residents of the Leach Home, Wahpeton, were among the concertgoers. Parks and Recreation Director Wayne Beyer also attended.

“We’re appreciative of all the musicians who perform for us,” Beyer said previously. “They’re all local people. It’s great that they can continue having music in their lives.”

Music in the Park is held from 7:30-8:30 p.m. each Wednesday between June-August. The Dreamers are scheduled for Wednesday, June 12.


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