Breckenridge, Minnesota’s Port Authority focuses its mission on enriching the quality of life of its citizens through creating, growing, and sustaining commercial, residential and community development.

At the committee’s meeting held on Wednesday, Feb. 12 they focused on discussing their 2020 future goals to promote building a better Breckenridge.

Vice President Scott Nicholson finalized the goals and determined three major categories of focus: housing, development, and marketing outreach.

“What I’d like to see is someone at this table take an idea and run with it,” Nicholson said.

Members Janel Fredericksen and Joel Hoistad volunteered to conduct a joint meeting with Breckenridge’s Planning Commission to determine where and what type of housing development to entertain in the community.

The committee’s goals for development is to complete the acquisition of properties that began in 2019, create a plan for commercial growth, develop Stop-n-Go and host a hemp education forum.

Land and property has previously been purchased for development and they are currently in the process of purchasing more for new growth.

In December 2019, the committee became owners of the old Dairy Queen building along Highway 75. That building is now expected to open as Brueder’s Butcher sometime between April 1 and June 1 of this year.

Member Reed Johnson noted that he has seen progress to the remodeling oft the old Dairy Queen building such as the removal of old booths and a sign. Hoistad also noted that the walls have been cleared.

The committee is currently seeking individuals to bid on clearing out Stop-n-Go so they can sell or lease the building to a potential business for development.

Member Dennis Larson volunteered to spearhead hosting a hemp forum for development.

“Rothsay held a forum recently that I think we could model after,” Larson said. “I think we should have our forum focus on the processing part of hemp.”

The committee is looking for a marketing and advertising specialist to learn and reflect on their current strategic path in order to determine if their marketing values need restructuring.

Finally, their last initiative is for each member to invite guest speakers to attend their second monthly meeting so they can learn about local businesses, local operations, future developments and to overall learn how they can execute the mission of the Port Authority for Breckenridge community members.

Daily News will follow the development of the 2020 goals.

The next meeting is scheduled for 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 26 at City Hall in Breckenridge.

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