Breckenridge Port Authority met in person for the first time on Wednesday, June 24 since City Hall closed in March due to the coronavirus pandemic to discuss economic development in the Minnesota city.

“The pandemic is getting more and more in the rearview and there is thankfully a lot of people still interested in doing business so I have been really busy the past four weeks,” Executive Director of Southern Valley Economic Development Authority Justin Neppl said. “Some of which (projects being worked on) may impact Breckenridge in a positive way, just unclear yet, but it’s early on.”

Neppl said that his board will be approving his 2021 budget later next week which has increased additional services for businesses to benefit from.

“It comes at a cost,” Neppl said, “but I think it will be extremely valuable to local businesses and especially for those who are considering startups in this area.”

A new service to businesses he is hoping to present on SVEDA’s website is providing significant data that would allow current and potential business owners to access. Neppl said that the data being provided would be desirable information for businesses.

In other Port Authority news, the board is continuing to work to clear out and sell the old Stop-n-Go gas station, located at 308 Fifth St. N. in Breckenridge.

They are seeking bids for a contract to clear out all portable contents inside. However, they have not received any serious interest in the task.

The board had planned for an open house in March for those interested to walk through. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the board had to cancel the open house. They are hoping to put that back into action to get the station cleared out.

Mayor Russ Wilson suggested that the city crew clear out the contents inside, however, Public Services Director Neil Crocker said that it would be a difficult task to do in one day. The board intends to walk through the building at their next meeting to understand the entirety of clearing out the building.

Port Authority members are hoping that by clearing out the old gas station they will be able to provide a location for a new business to open in the community.

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