Port Authority puts focus on cleaning up Stop-N-Go

Stop-N-Go closed in May 2016. The Port Authority is working on cleaning up the building so a new business could open in the location in Breckenridge, Minnesota.

Stop-N-Go, located at 305 Fifth St. N. in Breckenridge, Minnesota, was once a place to fill up gas, grab a coffee and a warm muffin. Then the place abruptly closed in May 2016 and has sat almost empty for four years. The Breckenridge Port Authority is working to clean up the vacant building so that a new business can come into the city.

The property has underground fuel tanks that need to be removed. The ground needs to be tested for any fuel leakage and cleaned up if any contaminants are found. The inside contains empty shelves, pop machines, bakery cabinets, office supplies, old muffin pans and a lifetime’s worth of coffee filters.

All of this is expected to get cleaned up quickly. The board has invited contractors to come and clean out the building. The intent is to get the property into a condition that’s attractive to an investor or developer. There has also been discussion about the city cleaning it out themselves.

Breckenridge Director of Public Services Neil Crocker said that the place is still in good condition for someone to come in and flip the building. He said that the ceiling would need to be stripped and redone, additionally, a professional roofer would need to come in to fix a possibly leaky roof.

In other news, the board went over their goals for 2020.

“We are halfway through 2020. I do this in my personal life, I do this in my business life to take time to reflect and see how we are doing so far for if we need to make changes or refocus,” board Vice President Scott Nicholson said.

The board discussed growth and development for housing, completing the acquisition of properties to expand the industrial park and reaching out to market agencies to bring more people and businesses to Breckenridge.

The board was hoping to create a business social to focus on commercial growth to expand downtown and support existing businesses. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic and safety measures, they will be postponing any future plans until they know they will be able to hold an event safely.

Building Official Joel Hoistad told the board that Bruders Butcher shop is close to opening. The business is waiting to open once the Minnesota Department of Health gives them the go-ahead, which is expected to be soon. Nicholson said that he has heard from the community that people are looking forward its opening date.

The board has their next meeting at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, July 22.

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