Project Tracker: Breckenridge receives $1.5 million for Southside Drainage Project

Last year, the city of Breckenridge did work from Second Street to Sixth Street.

Funding: $1.5 million

Next start date: Summer 2021

The details

The Southside Drainage project was introduced in 2015 and entails a complete urban street reconstruction of New York Avenue from Second Street to Sixth Street. The goal of the project is to have additional storm drainage for rainwater. The levees in place are doing their job of holding the river back, but they are also holding in rainwater. The city has been working on the project in phases as they receive funding from the state. City Administrator Renae Smith said their next allotment based on the current bonding bill is $1.5 million.

The progress

The project will continue in the summer and will look similar to work completed last summer, Director of Public Services Neil Crocker said. The city will be tearing off the asphalt, curbing the gutter and installing a storm drain. Last year, the city did work from Second Street to Sixth Street. In 2021, they plan to go from Sixth Street to 10th Street on New York Avenue, which would complete all of the funded work, Crocker said. They eventually plan to continue the project from 10th Street to 13th Street as they receive more funding from the state.

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