Schreiber Beck running for 2nd term in ND House

Cindy Schreiber Beck is running for a second four-year term in the North Dakota House of Representatives. As of Tuesday, Jan. 30, she does not have any opponents running against her.

Relying on experience, using common sense and being driven by facts are three methods North Dakota state Rep. Cindy Schreiber Beck, R-District 25, has used since being elected in 2014.

Schreiber Beck hopes to continue her tried and true ways. She’s running for a second four-year term in the North Dakota House of Representatives.

“I am honored to have served the residents of District 25 and would appreciate the opportunity to continue serving,” Schreiber Beck said.

She has accumulated numerous responsibilities during her time in office. Many of them are tied to the field of education. For example, she is vice chair of the Interim K-12 Education Policy Committee. Schreiber Beck is also a member of the Interim K-12 Education Funding Committee, the Governor’s Innovative Education Test Force and the North Dakota Strategic Vision for Education Steering Committee, to name three.

“Our draft strategic vision is that all students will graduate ‘Choice Ready’ with the knowledge, skills and disposition to be successful,” she said. “Strategic themes include expanded and quality pre-kindergarten, behavioral health, career exploration, quality education personnel and flexible instructional models, such as competency-based personalized learning.”

As of Tuesday, Jan. 30, Schreiber Beck does not have any opponents running against her. In 2014, she earned 3,196 votes in a four-candidate race according to the political website Ballotpedia.

“We never know, because you don’t need to have a party’s endorsement to run. We could have anyone deciding to run,” Schreiber Beck said.

Her platform also includes working for the continued growth of North Dakota’s business and industry. Outlets for that growth include technology, agriculture and both manned and unmanned aviation. The chair of North Dakota’s Aeronautics Commission, Schreiber Beck is president and owner of Tri-State Aviation, Wahpeton, which was founded by her late husband Gerry Beck.

Schreiber Beck is proud of the work accomplished by not only herself, but North Dakota state Sen. Larry Luick, R-District 25, and North Dakota state Rep. Alisa Mitskog, D-District 25.

“I think we do manage to promote what our residents here in District 25 want,” Schreiber Beck said.

If re-elected, Schreiber Beck will continue to be accessible, available and responsive to residents. The former farm girl and educator stressed continuity.

“I will continue with my consistent and conservative values while serving in the legislature and beyond,” she said. “I am very much for efficient, effective government.”

Odds and ends

Schreiber Beck isn’t the only District 25 leader running for re-election.

Luick is running for a third four-year term to the North Dakota Senate. The Daily News has more information on the two National Conference of State Legislatures committees to which he was recently appointed.

The Natural Resources and Infrastructure Committee is composed of state senators and representatives. Luick’s colleagues on the committee include North Dakota House Majority Leader Rep. Al Carlson, R-District 41. The National Conference of State Legislatures Task Force on Agriculture is a smaller group, with Luick serving as North Dakota’s lone representation.

Now that Luick and Schreiber Beck are running for re-election, it’s possible 2018’s election results in District 25 will mirror those in 2014.

Mitskog was first elected to the North Dakota House in 2014, in the same election Schreiber Beck also first obtained her office. Mitskog is expected to soon announce if she’ll run for a second four-year term.

Candidates for North Dakota’s Legislative Assembly have until Monday, April 9 to file. The primary election is scheduled for Tuesday, June 12, with a Tuesday, Nov. 6 general election. Tuesday, June 12 is also significant because it is the day of Wahpeton’s next city election.

As those elections draw closer, look to the Daily News for updated coverage of North Dakota and Minnesota’s campaigns, candidates and items under consideration.

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