A dining room full of Twin Town Villa residents got sweet treats Thursday, Nov. 18.

They had their choice of any of five varieties of fresh-baked pie and two flavors of fresh-made ice cream. The assisted living community, Breckenridge, Minnesota, hosted culinary arts students from North Dakota State College of Science, Wahpeton.

“Did you guys hear that? They said they’re going to get you guys all hyped up on sugar and then leave us with you,” Executive Director Mary Wolfgram said, smiling.

Chef Kyle Armitage, culinary program coordinator and instructor of second year students, brought seven youth to Twin Town Villa.

“We’re making pies for our Thanksgiving fundraiser next week,” Armitage said. “We have about 500 pies to make starting Sunday.”

The Twin Town Villa residents received a “warm up” of pumpkin, apple, sour cream raisin, lemon meringue and pecan pies, plus cinnamon and vanilla bean ice cream.

“It’s about as fresh of ice cream as you can get,” Armitage said.

The culinary students, all in their second year at NDSCS, briefly introduced themselves to residents. They included Jarrett Joy, Grace Lamberson, Eli Maki, Alisa Metzger, Elizabeth Schadler, Quentin Selix and Steph Vipond. Shortly after the students said hello, the dining room was buzzing with Twin Town Villa staff taking dessert orders.

“We want to make sure that we’re reaching out to the community,” Armitage said. “I think that’s a huge part of what we do at NDSCS, but we haven’t always had the opportunity to come out, especially in the last couple of years.”

Twin Town Villa and NDSCS have formed a partnership, Armitage and Wolfgram said. Both were excited about the opportunity to not only give students serving experience, but exposure to a possible career field.

Brooke Thomas, Twin Town Villa’s dining and food services director, is a graduate of NDSCS’ culinary arts program. Metzger is both a current student and current Twin Town Villa employee.

“There’s tons of opportunity in hospitality, especially now, with so many jobs available,” Armitage said.

Metzger said it’s important for her fellow students to consider all career paths. She’s happy to give back.

“We’ve been really pushing this and marketing this to residents all week,” Wolfgram said. “Every day, I’ve been asked, ‘Is today the day?’ But how can you resist homemade pie and ice cream?”

While all five pies were well-received by Twin Town Villa residents, apple was the day’s winner. The residents celebrated with a singalong of the song “Amen.”

“I still have residents saying how much fun they had,” Wolfgram said Friday, Nov. 19. “We’re so thankful.”

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