Oscars are being given out earlier than usual in 2020.

The 92nd Academy Awards will be held Sunday, Feb. 9 in Hollywood. It will be the earliest ceremony held in a calendar year, although from 1930-1932, the awards were given in November.

Once again, the telecast will not have a host. Movies with the most nominations include “Joker,” starring Joaquin Phoenix, and “1917,” set during World War I. Nominees include Phoenix, Scarlett Johansson for both “Marriage Story” and “Jojo Rabbit” and Renée Zellweger as “Judy.”

Year after year, youth appeal remains a hot topic for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), filmmakers, executives and film fans.

Moviegoers between the ages of 12-17 continue to make up a consistent portion of the total moviegoing and ticket-buying population, according to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

In 2018, moviegoers between the ages of 12-17 made up 10 percent of the total moviegoing population. This is equal to the percentage given in 2017. Moviegoers in the 12-17 age group also purchased 11 percent of the total tickets sold in both years.

Moviegoers in the next demographic, between ages 18-24, maintained their share in the total audience. MPAA reports moviegoers in that age range made up 11 percent of the audience in 2018 and 2017. They saw a slight increase in terms of ticket purchases, from 12 percent total in 2017 to 13 percent total in 2018.

In both years, moviegoers between the ages of 25-39 made up the largest amount of total moviegoers (23 percent) and ticket buyers (24 percent). MPAA has not yet released its report for 2019, but it is likely trends will hold.

Daily News spoke with six Twin Towns Area youth, three from Wahpeton High School and three from Richland 44 High School in Colfax, North Dakota. The teenagers discussed trends as well as their likes and dislikes.

1. Will you watch this year’s Academy Awards?“I haven’t really watched in previous years, but it’s on a Sunday, so I’ll probably end up stumbling upon it and watching.”

Raegan Klosterman, 17, a senior at Wahpeton High School

“I think it would be nice to watch. I’ve seen the films which are the best nominees and they’re pretty interesting.”

Braden Meyer, 17, a junior at Wahpeton High School

“Probably not. It’s never really clicked for me.”

Zach Wulfekuhle, 18, a senior at Richland 44 High School

“Absolutely, if I can. I’m growing more and more interested in the awards, so I like watching the clips of past winners. I enjoy everything about them. I think the first real time it meant something to me was with ‘The Dark Knight,’ when Heath Ledger won.”

Kaden Schroeder, 16, a junior at Richland 44 High School

2. Does an awards show need a host?“I think they’re a fun part of the show to watch. They’re a constant. They keep things rolling. I’m having a hard time imagining what it would be like without one.”

Elli Dodge, 18, a senior at Wahpeton High School

“No, I don’t think it needs one. I think it could help maybe at the beginning, but throughout the show, a host isn’t really needed.”

Braden Meyer

“An awards show host can definitely add a certain flair to the show.”

Hanna Johnson, 17, a senior at Richland 44 High School

“The Oscars can perfectly operate without one. But there are certain hosts, like Hugh Jackman. They bring more fun. Some award show hosts are bland and don’t really fit well with the ceremony.”

Kaden Schroeder

3. Do you prefer to see your movies in a theater or through streaming?

“Honestly, I’m not someone that watches a lot of movies. I like to read more, so I don’t go to the theater that often. I do like Netflix, because I can watch at my home. It’s easier.”

Hanna Johnson

“I see about 20-25 movies a year. I do them both, streaming and going to the theater. Honestly, I like the theater a lot more. There’s the big screen and the concessions. It’s something I can’t quite recreate at home.”

Braden Meyer

“I do a lot of streaming. It’s easier to have movies at your fingertips.”

Zach Wulfekuhle

“Streaming makes it so much easier to watch movies. There’s Netflix and Disney+ — I think it makes it easier for people to see more movies. They don’t have to take the time to plan to go out. They can just watch it at home and pause if they want.”

Ellie Dodge

“I think streaming’s a great option, but I still think it’s great to have the option to go out with your friends and see a movie.”

Raegan Klosterman

“I’m about equal in terms of how I see movies. But I like going to the theater more. It has a lot to do with the experience. My dad was serving in the military when I was a boy. We went to see ‘Iron Man’ in the theater. I remember being just dumbfounded, just in awe of how big the screen was and how loud it was. When I’m going with my friends, my family or my girlfriend, that’s a special time. I’m going to remember those memories more. They’ll hold a special place in my heart.”

Kaden Schroeder

4. What were some of your favorite movies from last year?“I liked ‘Knives Out.’ I’m not normally a big fan of mysteries, but I did try to solve the crime. It was fun that I didn’t solve the mystery before the characters did.”

Hanna Johnson

“I really liked ‘Jojo Rabbit.’ I like that kind of history stuff and really want to see it win awards.”

Braden Meyer

“‘Little Women.’ I saw it with my girlfriend in downtown Fargo. I ended up coming out of it and buying the book. My best friend Nate (Mjoness) is an absolute film buff. He was talking to me about lighting and seeing ‘Little Women,’ I could see how cool that can be. Just the way they were lit could tell you about the story.”

Kaden Schroeder

“I liked ‘1917.’ I liked how it was realistic, how it showed what life was like as a British soldier. I was really able to focus on what I was seeing.”

Zach Wulfekuhle

5. If you could give an Oscar to anyone this year, who would it be?“I’d like to see Leonardo DiCaprio win (for “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”). He’s a really good actor.”

Zach Wulfekuhle

“It’s very tough. I was going to think of Leonardo DiCaprio, but there’s also Joaquin Phoenix. I haven’t seen ‘Joker’ yet, but I love comic book movies and comic books themselves. I like that he picks the certain movies he believes in and he adds something to them. I’ve got no doubt that he’s done something award-worthy.”

Kaden Schroeder

“(Between DiCaprio and Phoenix), I really don’t know who could win. I’d like to be a little surprised.”

Braden Meyer

“I like Margot Robbie and I do want to see ‘Bombshell.’”

Hanna Johnson

“Chris Hemsworth. He’s a good actor.”

Elli Dodge

“I actually answered this when I was on homecoming court. I think I’d choose Josh Duhamel, who’s from here in North Dakota. I think he’s a really good actor and I love watching his movies.”

Raegan Klosterman

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