On Thanksgiving, friends and family gather to feast and show their gratitude. Commonly echoed at the dinner table is their thankfulness for family, friends, health, and good fortune. However, sitting in kindergarten classrooms at Breckenridge Elementary and St. Mary’s School provides you with a new variety of answers.

Briana Dauer’s Kindergarten class at St. Mary’s School

Lauren Rivand smiled and twinkled her fingers while explaining why she is thankful for Christmas trees.

“I like the little shiny lights. Also, my birthday is in December so I get to see the lights,” Rivand said.

Both Sadie Awender and Easton Melton are thankful to have lots of “little kitties” at their grandparents’ house. Awender’s favorite cats are colorful ones that jump and Melton’s favorite are grey cats with stripes. His favorite cat’s name is Tiger, who was named by his grandpa.

Esther Deal and Finley Jaehning both have a younger sister they are thankful to for and enjoy playing with. Finley’s favorite game to play with her three-year-old baby sister is Zingo, a picture game.

“My baby sister is 11 months. She can even cry and walk and get into the bathtub all by herself. She is going to turn one,” Deal said. “Her birthday is in winter.”

Carsten Wolter, Isaac Krueger and Zander Fronning are thankful for Jesus and are excited for Thanksgiving with their family.

Jamie Jensen’s class at Breckenridge Elementary

“I am thankful for the stars in the sky,” Evelyn Mertes said. “I like to look at them and sometimes I look out my window and look at the stars at night, they’re pretty. I named one Elizabeth because it was really pretty and really shiny.”

Zane Greenwaldt and Gavin Morgan are not worried about the winter cold at all. Rather, they are so excited and are thankful for snow. Both are excited to start playing in the snow so they can build snow forts and go sledding.

The mention of sledding by Morgan caused the kindergarten class to jump into cheer with excitement and join in with being thankful for snow.

“I am thankful for my Bella. She is a stuffed duck and I like her cause I get to sleep with her at night,” Vivienne Perry said.

Jackson Krog is thankful for the Fun Club because he gets to play with his friends and teachers. Lauren Berg is also thankful for Fun Club because she can do her favorite projects after playing outside.

“I am thankful for my mom too because she signed me up for Fun Club and lets me go every single day,” Berg said.

Thomas Running Bear, Kase Kappes and Eireann Schuler are all thankful for their pets. Schuler’s cat is quite extraordinary, as she can run, “really fast, like 100 fast.” Running Bear has a black dog who is his best friend and their favorite game to play together is fetch with a stick.

“I am thankful for my favorite kitties, even though my dog tries to eat them,” Kappes said. “One time my kitty jumped into a barn and went to the of the roof, he’s a crazy kitty, he came down later.”

“I am thankful for November,” Abigail Voss said, “because it’s my favorite month. I like turkeys and they are the animals of November.”

Other students chimed in that they were thankful for family, god, bowling, robots and rocket ships.

Tracy Bommersbach’s class at Breckenridge Elementary

The kindergarten class was working on their Thanksgiving turkeys with large, colorful feathers. On each feather, the students wrote they were thankful for family, food, God, pets and friends.

Charlotte Curtis, Ava Amborn and Rose Gallagher were thankful for having their family. They shouted their gratitude for moms, dads, sisters, brothers, grandmas and grandpas loudly with excitement.

Julie Ekren’s class at Breckenridge Elementary

Jase Boesen is thankful to have the warm clothes during the upcoming chilly months so that they can “keep us warm in the winter.”

Maiya Hoggarth is thankful for unicorns and flowers because they smell good and are pretty to look at.

Benjamin Kostreba and Nathan Camarena are thankful for food this time of year. Kostreba is thankful for the “delicious turkey.” Camarena is thankful for turkey, pizza and his motorcycle. Upon three special requests, Camerena does not want to be the one to cook his turkey.

Everlyn Frederick, Avery Bandel, Bentley Swenson, Colten Johnson and other students cheered their appreciation for their mom, dad, grandparents and siblings.

In light of this season where we take the time to recognize our loved ones and appreciate life’s blessing, take a page from the kindergarten classes and find gratitude in the small and funky things that take part in your life. These small things can be found from stars in the sky, keepsakes that provide peace and comfort or activities that bring joy.

“Happy Thanksgiving,” from kindergarteners in Breckenridge.

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