4 Things to Know Today

1. Today in History: In 1967, a team headed by cardiac surgeon Christiaan Barnard carried out the world’s first human-to-human heart transplant in Cape Town, South Africa.

2. Today’s Birthdays: Joseph Conrad (1857-1924), author; Andy Williams (1927-2012), singer; Ozzy Osbourne (1948-), musician; Daryl Hannah (1960-), actress; Julianne Moore (1960-), actress; Andrew Stanton (1965-), writer/director/animator; Katarina Witt (1965-), figure skater; Brendan Fraser (1968-), actor; Sean Parker (1979-), entrepreneur; Andy Grammer (1983-), singer-songwriter; Amanda Seyfried (1985-), actress.

3. Tree lighting: The city of Breckenridge will host its first annual tree lighting event Tuesday, Dec. 3, from 5-7 p.m. at Veterans Memorial Park, located on the corner of Beede Avenue and Fifth Street North.

4. Minnesota’s Medical marijuana program: The state added chronic pain and age-related macular degeneration to the list of conditions that can qualify for treatment. The changes take effect in August.

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