A Wahpeton man was arrested after he allegedly fired an AK-47 rifle into the air following an altercation with two other men in the early hours of Sunday morning, Nov. 28 outside Casey’s Bar, Breckenridge, Minnesota. No one was injured in the incident and no property was damaged, but the bar was on temporary lockdown while officers investigated the scene, according to Breckenridge Police Chief Kris Karlgaard.

Sawyer Schofield Richardson, 25, was arrested for threats of violence, reckless discharge of a firearm and intentional discharge of a firearm. He is currently being held at Wilkin County Jail and is expected to have his first appearance before a judge Tuesday, Nov. 30 in the Wilkin County District Court, according to a Breckenridge Police Department release.

Around 1 a.m. Sunday, Breckenridge Police Officer Cayden Barta heard what sounded like gunshots in the area. He drove near Casey’s Bar and heard more gunshots, so he parked near the rear. A witness approached Barta and pointed out Richardson, who was walking near the back entrance of the bar, the release stated.

The Wilkin County Sheriff’s Office and Wahpeton Police Department also responded to the incident. Barta detained Richardson and officers secured the scene. They discovered Richardson had been involved in an altercation with two other men inside the bar, according to the release. The three men went outside, where the argument continued out back.

Richardson allegedly reached into his vehicle, pulled out the rifle and began firing into the air, the release stated. He then placed the rifle back in his vehicle, where it was later recovered by law enforcement.

The case is currently under investigation. If anyone has any information regarding this incident, they are encouraged to call the Breckenridge Police Department at 218-643-5506.

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