The arrest warrant for a Breckenridge, Minnesota man accused of attempted sexual assault in Wahpeton remains out as of midday Monday, Sept. 25.

Gabral Robinson, 38, has been charged with one class B felony charge of attempted gross sexual imposition and one class C felony charge of terrorizing and adult victim.

Robinson allegedly attempted to engage in sexual contact with another person by compelling the victim to submit by force or by threat of imminent death, serious bodily injury or kidnapping to be inflicted on the victim.

On Sept. 28, 2019, the Wahpeton Police Department was notified of an assault in progress occurring at a residence in the 1200 block, 14 1/2 Avenue North. Officers responded and spoke with the victim, who stated Robinson grabbed her breasts and attempted to put his hands up her shorts.

A witness said she observed Robinson grab the victim’s breasts and tried running his hands up her shirt, court documents state. Robinson allegedly continued to do so despite being told “no” by the victim. Robinson then approached the victim, pulled down his pants and exposed his genitals.

The witness said she thought she’d convinced Robinson to stop the sexually aggressive behavior, so she left him and the victim in the residence. From there, Robinson allegedly became rough with the victim, who attempted to push her out of the house. According to court documents, Robinson attempted to touch the victim’s genitals.

The victim called her parents, including her mother, who told officers that while she was on the phone, Robinson could be heard saying that if he wanted to have sex with the victim, he would so so.

“She heard the defendant tell Ms. Doe that if he wanted to have sex with her, he would or he would throw her through a wall and have sex with her anyway,” court documents state.

The victim’s mother said she heard Robinson threaten to kill the victim, saying he left his family for her and that he wasn’t leaving the residence.

“Ms. Doe’s mother also heard the defendant tell Ms. Doe that he would snap her neck if Ms. Doe didn’t love him,” documents state.

Robinson’s behavior caused her to fear for her life, the victim told officers.

His terrorizing charge includes the allegation of threatening to commit any crime of violence or act dangerous to human life.

Robinson was not included in the rosters for the Richland County Jail, Wahpeton, nor the Wilkin County Jail, Breckenridge, as of press time.

In addition to his felony charges, Robinson is facing class B misdemeanor charges for one count each of sexual assault and disorderly conduct. The charges are for Sept. 28, 2019 incidents, court records state.

Robinson is scheduled to stand trial in Wahpeton Municipal Court for the misdemeanor charges. The trial is currently scheduled for Friday, Dec. 6. Judge Don Krassin presides, with Samuel Johnson serving as Robinson’s retained attorney.

In 2016, Robinson entered a guilty plea for an infraction charge of leaving the scene of an accident with a fixed object. He was ordered to pay $250 in fines and $250 in restitution. Robinson also pleaded guilty to the administrative traffic charge of failing to give immediate notice of a reportable accident.

Earlier that year, Robinson entered a guilty plea for a class B misdemeanor charge of simple assault. He was placed under one year’s unsupervised probation, ordered not to use alcohol excessively and charged $750 in fines.

The maximum penalty for a class B misdemeanor is 30 days imprisonment, a $1,500 fee or both.

The maximum penalty for a class C felony is five years imprisonment, a $10,000 fine or both.

The maximum penalty for a class B felony is 10 years imprisonment, a $20,000 fine or both.

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