Wilkin County Commissioners take oath of office

Wilkin County Auditor-Treasurer Janelle Krump gave the oath of office to new commissioner Jon Green, District 3, and returning commissioner Neal Folstad, District 4.

Newly elected Wilkin County Commissioners were sworn into office Tuesday, Jan. 8 during an organizational meeting at the Wilkin County Courthouse in Breckenridge, Minnesota.

Neal Folstad, who was re-elected to District 4, was seated on the board. He is joined by Jon Green, District 3.

A new chairman and vice chairman were elected by the board. Eric Klindt was approved as the chairman and Dennis Larson as vice chairman.

Committee assignments were then reviewed and updated as necessary.

A resolution was passed to accept the bid from Daily News Media to be the official newspaper of Wilkin County for 2019. Daily News Media will publish the notices and list of real estate taxes remaining delinquent on the first Monday of January 2019, and not previously bid into the state of Minnesota.

The board also passed a resolution authorizing the county treasurer to publish tax notices in the official county newspaper, not to exceed $1,500 during 2019, upon approval of the county board.

The final board action was approval of organization memberships, which remain the same as currently listed.

The next regular board meeting is scheduled for 8 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 10 in the commissioners room at the Wilkin County Courthouse.


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