Heather Dockter, declared as missing by a Facebook user, was considered willfully absent by the Wahpeton Police Department. Shortly after 11 a.m. Wednesday, Daily News received word that Dockter was “found.”

Chief Scott Thorsteinson, who did not have an update earlier that morning, said he did not have any reason to believe there were suspicious circumstances in Dockter’s absence.

Every indication was that Dockter left a note saying where she was going, Thorsteinson said. People interviewed by the police department, including family members, said Dockter had behaved similarly in the past.

“We don’t have any updates as far as where she might be, but we have no reason to suspect there are any issues,” Thorsteinson said.

A Facebook post written and shared Tuesday asked anyone to come forward with any information. Anonymity was allowed. Comments on at least one post indicated the post writer was not a member of Dockter’s family.

Dockter was described as missing since 4 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 6 and had last been seen leaving the 800 block of Third Street North, Wahpeton.

“She is approximately 5’8”, approximately 125-130 pounds,” the message stated. “She just bleached her hair blonde.”

Dockter is also identifiable with a rose tattoo on her back that says “Heather” and tattoos on the inside of her forearms that say “Josiah” and “Isaiah.” As of Wednesday morning, the posts asking for information on Dockter’s whereabouts and condition were still up on Facebook.

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