Sage Debbie-Scott Pehrson-Alley, 23, Fergus Falls, Minnesota, is scheduled to have her initial appearance before Wilkin County District Court on Tuesday, July 14.

Pehrson-Alley is being charged with four felonies and seven misdemeanors for an incident that occurred on July 1 where she led law enforcement agencies on a high-speed chase in which drugs were involved. She is currently in custody in the Wilkin County Jail.

The Fergus Falls, Minnesota, woman allegedly fled a Wilkin County deputy during a traffic stop in Rothsay, Minnesota, according to criminal complaint. Pehrson-Alley sped northbound on 340th Street traveling 85-90 miles per hour, slowly drifting back and forth between the north and southbound lanes, the complaint states. The deputy believed the driver was impaired based on the vehicle’s drifting.

The court document states that the vehicle traveled at 90 miles per hour on Highway 108 and had forced two motor vehicles to the shoulder of the highway and tailgated another dangerously.

A Barnesville, Minnesota police officer deployed stop sticks on the highway. Pehrson-Alley continued fleeing onto Highway 34 and blew threw a stop sign after the stop sticks had struck the vehicle’s right tires, according to the document.

In order to prevent the vehicle from entering Barnesville, the deputy struck the vehicle with his squad car, causing it to spin out and stop.

When the law enforcement deputies approached the vehicle, they noticed Pehrson-Alley to be allegedly weak, struggled with opening her eyes and had constricted pupils.

Upon searching the vehicle, the deputies found heroin, gabapentin, fentanyl, drug paraphernalia and two rounds of 9-millimeter ammunition.

According to the complaint, the specific charges that Pehrson-Alley is facing are as follows:

Count 1: Felony, possession of ammunition for a firearm who has been convicted of previous crime

Count 2: Fifth-degree felony for possession of fentanyl

Count 3: Fifth-degree felony for possession of heroin

Count 4: Felony, fleeing a law enforcement officer by motor vehicle

Count 5: Gross misdemeanor, Pehrson-Alley is ineligible to receive, ship, transport weapons or ammunition due to her previous criminal charges

Count 6: Misdemeanor for possessing paraphernalia used for injections

Count 7: Misdemeanor, operating a vehicle under the influence of a controlled substance

Count 8: Misdemeanor for reckless driving

Count 9: Misdemeanor for being in possession of gabapentin

Count 10: Misdemeanor, driving after suspension of her driver’s license

Count 11: Petty misdemeanor for possession of drug paraphernalia

Pehrson-Alley has been convicted of other crimes relating to drugs, theft and driving after suspension in other Minnesota counties such as Otter Tail and Clay County.

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