Your question answered: Breckenridge adopts new cable franchise agreement

Areas highlighted in pink will have access to fiber in 2021 contingent upon the Wahpeton franchise application being approved. As construction continues, Red River Communications will release updated service area maps.

The question

Is Red River Communications coming to Breckenridge, and what services will they provide?

The answer

Yes, Breckenridge City Council adopted a cable franchise to Red River Communications at their Monday, May 3 meeting. The company will construct a fiber optic cable infrastructure in Breckenridge. The contract will last 15 years, with the chance to renew at that time. Red River Communications will begin construction June 1, then prewire in August and connect homes by fall 2021. There is existing 702 Communications infrastructure in Breckenridge that Red River Communications can build off of since they acquired 702 Communications in December 2020. 702 Communications customers in the construction area will have the opportunity to connect to fiber service. “We’re excited to come to town,” Red River Communications Director of Operations Matt Ihland said.

What this means to you

The new franchise will rival Midco, a regional company based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They will offer three services available with fiber: FiberFAST internet, digital TV and local phone. The FiberFAST internet service will have a “slow” option for $69.50 per month, an “average” option for $89.50 per month and a “fast” option for $107.50 per month. The digital TV service will start at $28.50 per month and will give customers access to over 200 digital HD channels without a dish. The local phone service will start at $29.95 per month and will allow customers to keep their same phone number.

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