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University of North Dakota Spring 2020 Dean’s List, President’s Roll

 The University of North Dakota’s Office of the Registrar today issued its Spring 2020 Deans List and President’s Roll of Honor.

What it takes to make each list:

The Dean’s List comprises students whose grade point average are in the top 15 percent of the enrollment in each of the University’s degree granting colleges and schools. A student must have completed no fewer than 12 semester hours of academic work for the semester, of which eight or more hours must be graded work rather than “satisfactory/unsatisfactory.”

To qualify for the UND President’s Roll of Honor, a student must have an overall cumulative grade point average of 3.80 or higher. The student must also have earned a minimum of 30 semester hours and have completed a minimum of 12 hours at the close of the semester, eight of which must be for traditional letter grades.

North Dakota students:

UND Dean's List Spring Semester 2020

Harmony Burns, Fairmount

Joseph Langenwalter, Fairmount

Madelyn Jean, Hankinson

Braden Prochnow, Hankinson

Mya Steinwehr, Hankinson

Nicholas Mathias, Kindred

Alexander Rossow, Kindred

Brooke Rossow, Kindred

Keaton Rustad, Kindred

Zachary Even, Lidgerwood

Reed Albrecht, Wahpeton

Kailey Grandalen, Wahpeton

Emily Schuster, Wahpeton

UND President’s Roll of Honor List Spring Semester 2020

Joseph Langenwalter, Fairmount

Lacey Dickerman, Hankinson

Braden Prochnow, Hankinson

Mya Steinwehr, Hankinson

Alexander Rossow, Kindred

Brooke Rossow, Kindred

Keaton Rustad, Kindred

Kailey Grandalen, Wahpeton

Logan Meyer, Wahpeton

ND students named to NDSU dean’s list

FARGO, N.D. — Area North Dakota students were among the 4,206 North Dakota State University students to be placed on the spring 2020 dean’s list. 

A student must earn a 3.50 grade point average or higher and be enrolled in at least 12 class credits to qualify for the spring list.

Students are listed by hometown. Students’ majors also are listed. The dean’s list also can be found at

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Area students on the dean’s list are:

• Colfax, North Dakota - Caleb J. Boehm Psychology

• Fairmount, North Dakota - Jadyn S. Campbell, Human Development and Family Sci.; Emma Steffens, Nursing

• Hankinson, North Dakota - Bailey L. German, Criminal Justice

• Kindred, North Dakota - Kyra M. Braaten Agribusiness; Emily N. Christmann, Biological Sciences; Matthew T. Freier, Business Administration; Michael R. Hall, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Megan M. Mathias, Accounting; Nicholas T. Schreiner, Accounting; Evan M. Waskom, Exercise Science

• Lidgerwood, North Dakota - Peyton J. Frolek Biological Sciences; Wyatt M. Harles, Mechanical Engineering; Brooklyn M. Kuzel , Microbiology; Shelton J. Strege, Mechanical Engineering

• Mooreton, North Dakota - Jadyn L. Callenius, Family and Consumer Sciences Edu.; Kendra Klosterman, Agricultural Economics; Madison N. Klosterman, Nursing; Anna M. Koch, Nursing; Jaxon H. Mauch, Nursing; Paige Mennis, Human Development and Family Sci.; Luke C. Olsby, Music

• Wahpeton, North Dakota - Taylor L. Amble Architecture; Abigail M. Berndt, Nursing; Sarah A. Chase, Pharmacy; Kasey M. Cookman, Radiologic Sciences; Gena L. Cornelius, Pharmacy; Michael J. Cronin, Mechanical Engineering; Joseph Dahlgren, Chemistry; Joshua M. Darwin, Finance; Jacob D. Enochson, Electrical Engineering; Jonah K. Enochson, Architecture; Beau S. Gilles, Agricultural Economics; Madison E. Gilles, Microbiology; Rhaeghn D. Gripentrog, Accounting; Mia Halvorson, Human Development and Family Sci.; Tanner K. Harr, Criminal Justice; Brooke J. Johanson, Respiratory Care; Isaac J. Jordahl, Management; Abigail A. Kurtz, Animal Science; Danica S. Loll, Animal Science; Preston J. Maas, Finance; Hattie L. Mauch, Nursing; Daniel P. Pithey, Apparel Retail Merchandise/Design; Christopher G. Thiel, Exercise Science

• Wyndmere, North Dakota - Colson A. Barton, Civil Engineering; Jolene M. Kuchera, Accounting; Emily K. Lothspeich, Pharmacy; Gabe A. Lothspeich, Mechanical Engineering; Anne R. Manstrom, Architecture; Catherine C. Manstrom, Theatre Arts; Kelly L. Olson, Civil Engineering

ND students receive degrees from NDSU

FARGO, N.D. — North Dakota students included on the attached list were among the students to graduate from North Dakota State University in spring 2020. NDSU awarded 1,845 degrees to students.

Students are listed by hometown. The list includes major and degree received. An asterisk indicates students who graduated with honors. A student must earn a 3.50 grade point average or higher to graduate with honors. Graduating area students are:

• Hankinson, North Dakota

Mara Leigh Pankow, MEDUCAT Education

• Kindred, North Dakota

Megan Marie Mathias, BS, Accounting

• Lidgerwood, North Dakota

Lance Thomas Haase, BSME, Mechanical Engineering

*Amy Jo Medhaug, BSN, Nursing

• Mooreton, North Dakota

Kendra Klosterman, BS, Agricultural Economics

*Adam Ryan Peretz, BS, History

• Wahpeton, North Dakota

Kiara Rashel Bassingthwaite, BS, Human Dev. and Family Sci. 

*Brianna Jo Close, BS, Radiologic Sciences

*Joseph Dahlgren, BS, Chemistry

*Kelsey Lynn Darwin, BSARCH, Architecture

*Sydney Breann Drennan, BS, Medical Laboratory Science

Adam Bradley Hermunslie, BS, Accounting

Blaze Dean Irwin, BSARCH, Architecture

Darcy Michelle Jilek, PHARMD, Pharmacy

*Jamie Jo Keller, BSEE, Electrical Engineering

*Andrew Leinen, BSEE, Electrical Engineering

*Danica Starr Loll, BS Animal Science

*Karlie Anne Matejcek, BSARCH, Architecture

Diamond Rose Pike-Altorfer, BS, Human Dev. and Family Sci. 

Michael Davis Poppen, BS, Agricultural Economics

Brooklyn Jewel Sirek, BS, Marketing

• Wyndmere, North Dakota

*Colson Ardean Barton, BSCE Civil Engineering

*Jordyn Lee Hetland, BS, Human Dev. and Family Sci. 

*Emily Kay Lothspeich, BS, Pharmaceutical Sciences

*Catherine Celine Manstrom, BS, Theatre Arts

Lidgerwood High School 2019-2020 Honor Roll

Students are listed by name, grade, and honor roll:

Anderson, Mikenzi Cae, 12, A Honor Roll

Baldwin, Lily Marie, 12. A Honor Roll

Harles, Kaylee Jo, 12, A Honor Roll

Woytassek, Alexander John, 12, A Honor Roll

Arth, Hailey Grace, 11, A Honor Roll

Downs, Jaida Marie, 11 A Honor Roll

Fredrickson, Faith Evelyn, 11, A Honor Roll

Frolek, Drew Maria, 11, A Honor Roll

Heley, Matthew Aaron, 11, A Honor Roll

Kaczynski, Kendra Rose, 11, A Honor Roll

Meyer, Lexi Rose, 11, A Honor Roll

Willprecht, Katie Jo, 11, A Honor Roll

Frolek, Dreah Emily, 10, A Honor Roll

Schafer, Tallin Kathleen, 10, A Honor Roll

Witt, Levi Joseph, 10, A Honor Roll

Bohnenstingl, Zoey J., 9, A Honor Roll

Jellnek, Kaden Ray, 9, A Honor Roll

Kaczynski, Gracie Rae, 9, A Honor Roll

Medenwaldt, Haylee V., 9, A Honor Roll

Oster, Lauren Alexandra, 9, A Honor Roll

Baldwin, Thomas J., 8, A Honor Roll

Buchholz, Taylor Marie, 8, A Honor Roll

Frolek, Olivia Paige, 8, A Honor Roll

Helmer, Alexis Rae, 8, A Honor Roll

Kaczynski, Jana Nicole, 8, A Honor Roll

Siemieniewski, Kara Dewetta, 8, A Honor Roll

Watson, Clearicka Pearle, 7, A Honor Roll

Ebel, Maxine Anna, 12, B Honor Roll

Hanson, Maya E, 12, B Honor Roll

Witt, Alexander David, 12, B Honor Roll

Bohnenstingl, Preston, 11, B Honor Roll

Grenz, Evan Lawrence, 11, B Honor Roll

Henderson, Brady Alan, 11, B Honor Roll

Sand, MacKenzie R, 10, B Honor Roll

Jelinek, Brayden Michael, 9, B Honor Roll

Jelinek, Miranda Lynn, 9, B Honor Roll

Kuzel, Brady James, 9, B Honor Roll

Meyer, Haylee Kay, 9, B Honor Roll

Buehre, Landon Leo, 8, B Honor Roll

Heley, Isaiah Arthur, 8, B Honor Roll

Kackman, Levi Lynn, 8, B Honor Roll

Kratcha, Alex Jay, 8, B Honor Roll

Schafer, Bethany Cristine, 8, B Honor Roll

Dunn, Hunter Daniel, 7, B Honor Roll

Gaukler, Jacqueline Ray, 7, B Honor Roll

Meyer, Ava Dalene, 7, B Honor Roll

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