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Grefsrud has a reason for not wanting to miss another basketball game

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Grefsrud has a reason for not wanting to miss another basketball game

Mike Grefsrud spent Monday night, Feb. 3, at the Rosholt, S.D., gym to watch his son Brady play basketball for Tri-State. Mike and his wife Dawn decided years ago they wouldn’t miss any basketball games. Missing one night cost them the ability to see Brady play on the varsity basketball floor for the first time.

Mike Grefsrud has spent a lot of time inside a school gym watching basketball. His oldest daughter Allison Grefsrud once played for Fairmount-Campbell-Tintah, today his son Brady is a senior forward on the Tri-State Tigers, while youngest daughter Callie plays basketball on the girls team. Here is what Mike has to say about the importance of sports:

Question: You obviously love sports. Last year you were an assistant girls basketball coach — this year a fan. Would you rather be a fan, or a coach? Answer: After the experience … being a fan is a little easier. A lot of drama behind the scenes.

Question: Why would anyone want to be a coach? Answer: After that, I don’t know. I won’t say never, but you never know if I will ever coach again. Not for awhile.

Question: Brady is getting a lot more playing time and started Monday against Hankinson. What was the difference for him between last season, and this one? Answer: Hard work. He was in the gym as much as he could, on top of working every weekend at Hills 210. It’s all about putting in the time.

Question: Allison was a four-year starter, now Brady is in his last year and then it’s Callie. What is it like watching your basketball clock ticking down? Answer: It will be different next year. Callie is only a freshman, so it will just be a couple of nights a week next year instead of four to five.

Question: As a fan of the sport, that’s still a lot of time away from other interests. Is it still fun to go to these games? Answer: I wouldn’t miss it for nothing. Back in seventh grade before the co-op happened, when we didn’t have enough kids with F-C-T. After the seventh graders were done with their season, they pulled up three — Brady, Gavin Rydell and Sam Viger, the short squad. We were at C-G-B and watched him play JV that night and we left. Then he got into the varsity game. We didn’t figure he would. After that night, nope, never again. Whether they are playing or sitting on the bench doesn’t matter. We’re going to be there.

Question: What would you tell Brady at this age, about what he is experiencing now is a fleeting moment in his life? Answer: Go out and be smart. All my kids have worked since they were young, so they know that part of it. First year we tell him he doesn’t have to work, go enjoy NDSU and get good grades. That’s life. That’s real life now.

Question: Is he ready for that next step, for graduation? Answer: I think so, yes.

Question: Are you ready for him to graduate? Answer: Dawn isn’t ready for him to be done out of the house. The way he is here, that’s how he is at home too. He entertains us.

Question: The excitement he shows on the floor. Who does he take after, you or your wife? Answer: Me, a little bit. I’ve always told my kids, I’m never going to talk to a coach. If you want to play, you need to show them. If you’re not playing, it’s plain and simple, you talk to your coach and ask what do I need to do to improve besides just getting in there tonight?

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