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‘Hey, do you want to coach volleyball too?’

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‘Hey, do you want to coach volleyball too?’

Hayley Martenson is the new volleyball coach for Tri-State. She graduated from Rosholt High School.

Volleyball became Hayley Martenson’s go-to sport after she had suffered knee injuries in high school. She loved this sport, and still does as she is the new coach for Tri-State.

Question: What is about volleyball that made you want to coach?

Answer: Out of all the sports I played — I was actually a basketball player first, but then I got hurt and had to have three knee surgeries. Volleyball became my main sport.

Question: How did you become a coach?

Answer: I had actually come in to get my binder for my long-term subbing, they are like, “hey, do you want to coach volleyball too?” I was like, “well, might as well.”

Question: Is it weird going from being a player to a coach?

Answer: Yes. It is very weird. Obviously you can tell I am still pretty passionate about the game. I really get into it. I think that helps with the overall morale as well. If there is something that isn’t going quite right, I am young enough to step in there and physically show them.

Question: Does it still feel like you are a player, and have to force yourself back because you’re the coach?

Answer: Yes. That is why you definitely will see me in the corner doing the cheer along with them, yelling and screaming and jumping up and down. I am just as excited as the girls playing.

Question: Has it been easier than expected?

Answer: Yes and no. Initially I thought this will be really great. Right after I agreed to do it over that five-day period, I actually got five phone calls from parents about stuff for the upcoming season, issues they were worried weren’t going to get resolved right away.

Question: Did that turn you off?

Answer: A little bit. I went in a little bit hesitant, but I had a good talking with the girls the first few practices. We talked about what my expectations are, this is where our morale is going to be and you need to commit to that. If you can’t commit to that, then we are going to have a talk outside of practice or we are going to have to have some type of disciplinary issues, and then we actually decide to do some different team building activities leading up to this. I really feel that has allowed us to mesh so well together.

Karen Speidel is the News-Monitor Media Managing Editor

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