Lidgerwood takes up the challenge

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Lidgerwood takes up the challenge

Adam Baldwin, Bryer Kaczynski, Braden Jelinek, Kaden Jelinek, Andrew Arth, Jarrett Fredrickson, Gracie Kaczynski, Mrs. Kohoutek, Lauren Oster, Haylee Meyer, Brandon Henderson, Zoey Bohnenstingl and Haylee Medenwaldt are shown here accepting the $10,000 grant.

Lidgerwood High School is one of  the first schools in America to receive the Gold Standard Challenge Grant from Next Gen Personal Finance, a Palo Alto, California, non-profit committed to ensuring that all students leave high school with the skills needed to thrive in an increasingly complex financial world.

The Next Gen Personal Finance Gold Standard Challenge rewards and recognizes high schools that commit to ensuring all students receive a one semester personal finance course before crossing the graduation stage.

“I’m very pleased the administration and school board supported this initiative,” said Katie Kohoutek in accepting the $10,000 grant. “Financial education is so important, every student should leave high school ready to make informed financial decisions.”

 Tim Ranzetta, co-founder of Next Gen, said Lidgerwood is high school No. 13 across the U.S. to earn this grant.

“Behind each of these schools’ adoption of a personal finance requirement is a story. A story of a teacher, an administrator, a board member, a student, a parent group whose passion, commitment and persistence led to this amazing accomplishment,” Ranzetta said, who is excited to see the momentum behind this initiative behind Mission:2030 to have all high school students in the U.S. taking a personal finance class by the year 2030 as part of graduation requirements.

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