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News From the Past

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News From the Past

This photo first appeared in the Dec. 4, 1969 edition of the Hankinson News.

From the Hankinson News archives:

100 YEARS AGO - Dec. 4, 1919

The city council at the regular monthly meeting adopted resolutions and ordinance which is the next step in the water works and sewer project. The proceedings are so lengthy that we are forced to put over publication of the minutes until next week.

At a meeting of the committee to arrange for a soldiers’ memorial, it was definitely decided to abandon the memorial building project and proceed with plans for a memorial park and monument.

Every intelligent citizen is open-minded enough to want to hear both sides of important public questions. Any voter who will not listen to speakers advocating ideas contrary to his own is narrow-minded and lacks the spirit of fairness.

75 YEARS AGO - Nov. 30, 1944

Confirming a matter debated by the Hankinson Commercial Club last week, the civil aeronautics administration asked congress to appropriate $3,842,000 for 18 projects in North Dakota. One such project is establishing a city airport for Hankinson.

Marketing of turkeys in the Hankinson market has been heavy the past couple weeks and the early buying for the Christmas holiday season begins this week. Prices on the birds have been good. John Pankow marketed about 2,200 fine turkeys.

50 YEARS AGO - Dec. 4, 1969

Officers of the year were elected at the Parent - Faculty meeting at Hankinson Public School. Ralph Bladow was elected president; Allan Trom, vice president; and Mrs. A. J. Paulson, secretary-treasurer.

The St. Gerard’s Hospital Candy Striping Program welcomes any new members to their ranks. Sister Bernarda and Sister Dianna, stated that the previous ages of 15-18 will be lowered to include girls that are 14. They hope this will help the shortage.

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