‘Battling the Winter Blues’ teaches coping skills, mindfulness

Making a vision board is one coping skill that can serve as a reminder of goals and mindsets you wish to achieve. Take a blank canvas, pick up some old magazines, and find words or pictures that illustrate your vision for your future. 

The Breckenridge Public Library teamed up with Prairie St. John’s, a mental health clinic in Fargo, North Dakota, to present a three-part series on building better mental health. The first installment, Mental Health and the Holidays, was held Dec. 7, 2021, and discussed neuroplasticity and the power of positive thoughts.

The second installment, “Battling the Winter Blues,” took place Tuesday, Jan. 4 and focused on healthy coping mechanisms and mindfulness to weather the winter months. The third in the series, Under Pressure: Youth & Mental Health, scheduled for Feb. 8, will be geared toward teaching those who frequently work with youth ways to approach them about their mental health.

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