City elections made selections

City elections throughout Richland County took place Tuesday, June 14 after months of campaigning by candidates. Each city in Richland County held some form of an election. Many of these cities selected city council members, park board members and a mayor.


Nathan Brandt will return as mayor of Wyndmere after winning the election with 90 votes out of the 94 total reporting voters.

The city council election was won by Suzanna Kuchera and Dana Anderson. The two of them combined for over 98% of the vote with only three write-ins on the day of the election.

The city’s park board added Rae Hosford to its roster after Hosford won the uncontested election.


There was no mayoral election in Fairmount. The four-year term will be a part of the next election cycle.

Two city council members were elected. Ryan Campbell was elected with 45.06% of the vote and Mathew Campbell was elected with 25.93% of the vote.

The Fairmount Park Board did not have anyone file to run. In total, 37 votes were cast for write-in candidates. Two positions were available during this election. Jerry Brinkman and Brenda Adolf received the most votes with 8 each.


Lidgerwood’s incumbent Mayor Dale Krause won reelection with 71.43% of the vote.

The Lidgerwood City Council had two separate available positions, regular and unexpired terms. Three people were elected for the four-year term. Richard Novotny, Tanya Bohnenstingl and DuWayne Irwin were elected. For the unexpired two-year terms, both Kevin Oster and Debra Anderson were elected to return to the council.

The Lidgerwood Park Board had both four-year and two-year terms up for election. The four-year terms were won by Alecia Berndt, Marissa Motschenbacher and Coty Irwin. The unexpired term park board positions did not have anyone file. With 40 votes cast, the winners of this election will be announced when write-in votes are done being tallied.


Nobody filed to run for mayor in Hankinson. Eighty votes were cast, all of them write-ins. Previous mayor Loren Hovel received the most votes with 47 in total. Hovel has declined the position. At this time it has not been decided who the next mayor of Hankinson will be.

The Hankinson City Council had three positions available. Both filed candidates, Jeremy Steffens and Joel Bladow, won their elections. The final position was selected by write-in votes. Adam Ward received the most votes by a margin of only two. In total Ward received 15 votes.

Hankinson elected three new members to their park board. Filed candidates Jason Semerad and Jill Post, were both reelected. The final position was selected by write-in votes. Tera Paulson was selected as the third park board member with a total of 19 votes.


The town of Barney elected Neil Petik for the position of mayor with 94.12% of the vote.

Mantador held an election for the last two years of their unexpired mayor position. Joseph Hejtmanek was elected with 70% of the vote.

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