The “Silver Linings Day” a celebration which recognizes senior care in North Dakota, occurred on June 23. The event at St. Gerard’s in Hankinson went off without a hitch. Residents of the center were treated to food, games, and visits from family members.

“The celebration went very well, quite honestly a perfect evening,” Social Services and Recreation Director Terry Bladow said. “The state cooperated and allowed us to shut down the block, so we could spread out our games, and our places for people to sit.”

“We had a group of about 60 people,” Bladow said.

The residents of St. Gerard’s were happy to be outside, some of whom hadn’t been out since March.

“Almost all of the residents were able to come down,” Bladow said. “It was open to the nursing home side and the independent side. It was the first time for some people to have been able to see their loved ones in person since the beginning of March.”

Resident’s families were limited to four, Bladow said.

It was a special day for residents and staff of St. Gerard’s.

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