State Sen. Jason Heitkamp charged on suspicion of misdemeanor theft Bottineau County

State Sen. Jason Heitkamp (R, D-26)

North Dakota State Sen. Jason Heitkamp (R, D-26) has been charged on suspicion of misdemeanor theft in Bottineau County, North Dakota.

Heitkamp said he’s unsure what exactly the charge is stemming from. “I don’t know anything new by what the summons says because I don’t know who the complainants are. I don’t know anything until I get there on 11/2,” Heitkamp said.

He said he was in Bottineau last week to retrieve belongings from an ex-girlfriend.

“I went up there to do that and I was trying to get a hold of the Bottineau County Sheriff’s Office so that they could help me get some of my stuff that I still have up there at my ex-girlfriend’s, because we aren’t going out anymore. So when I went up, nobody was calling me back from there either and I thought that was really strange. SoI went to the sheriff’s office and they gave me a summons,” Heitkamp said.

His first court date is scheduled for Nov. 2.

“I’m shocked, I’ve ever been through anything like that before, so it’s kind of weird,” Heitkamp said.

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