Running is in their blood

Olivia Frolek, Dreah Frolek and Drew Frolek.

The cross country world in both North and South Dakota knows the name Frolek.

Dreah, Drew and Olivia are the latest Froleks to take up the running mantle handed down by older sister Peyton who is competing for North Dakota State University in the cross country and track programs after breaking numerous running records during her high school career.

Coaches know to watch anyone with the last name Frolek. Bystanders know they will see compact speedsters zipping by most runners. Competitors know they will be looking at the backs of these petite runners who have gobbled up courses throughout a two-state region.

This has been a successful year for each Frolek. Because of their finishes at the Oct. 20 regional meet, Dreah, Drew and Olivia were named all-region because they placed in the top 20. Three sisters — three all-region nominations. They compete on the Sargent Central-Lidgerwood-Oakes cross country team and took their shot at state Saturday.

All three know exactly how fast they must run to meet their state ambitions. Dreah wants to finish in the top five and figured it will take a sub-19 minute in the 5K. Drew is looking to be among the top 10 while Olivia wants a top 20 finish.

Dreah said she doesn’t even have to put in her fastest time of the year in order to meet her goal at state, which is being run at Jamestown.

Drew credits their running ability to genetics from her mother’s side of the family, while her competitive drive comes from dad.

All three sisters have commonalities that come from their closeness and sibling bond, said Mark Wisnewski, assistant coach, who has known each girl since he had them in elementary phy ed. He knows their personalities.

“The longer the race, the better it is for Dreah. The tougher the conditions, the more hills and fighting the wind, that benefits Drew since she likes challenges. And Olivia runs with a sense of fun. I never saw a person smile so much during a race,” “Wisnewski said.


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