Shop at home this Christmas

News Monitor Managing Editor Karen Speidel

We are heading into the full Christmas season, packed full with concerts, Santa Days and shopping excursions.

Look to the News Monitor this holiday season for information on both our front page and in Coming Events to relay special festivities within our area. We also are supporting a shop at home initiative the next few weeks.

I would like to remind you about the importance of looking first to our local merchants when making Christmas purchases.

There is power in the retailers that line main street in our small communities. Spending your dollars at home first has a tremendous economic impact in your community. It ensures your city’s businesses stay open. It also supports sales tax initiatives. This is the circle of life mentality that each piece of the puzzle helps and supports the other.

Shopping at home is never more important than at Christmas when people grab their check cards. Spending your money at home keeps small towns open — and vibrant.

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