Wabirds successful against Lisbon in tournament

Zoey Bohnenstingl makes her way to the basket. Bohnenstingl was one of the teams top scorers with 10 points.

The Wyndmere-Lidgerwood Warbirds bested the Lisbon Broncos 50-39 at the region one girls basketball tournament to advance to the next round and face off against the Central Cass Squirrels, the number one team in the region.

“The girls played excellent team ball last night. We had four girls scoring double digits. We did an excellent job dispersing the ball around to create an open shot offensively. Our guards did a nice job working on Lisbon's ball handlers to create turnovers and our posts took visibility away and eliminated the majority of Lisbon's second chance opportunities,” Warbirds Head Coach Erin Bohnenstingl said.

The Warbirds only had three turnovers to Lisbon’s 14. The Warbirds were able to convert those turnovers into 10 total points over the course of the night.

The Warbirds ended the first quarter just four points behind the Broncos who led 12-8. The Warbirds, not content with trailing the Broncos, fought their way to a tie by the end of the first half.

In the second quarter the Warbirds put up 13 points while the Broncos secured nine points. With just under two seconds to go in the first half Gracie Kaczynski made a shot from inside the key to tie the game 21-21.

Coming into the second half energized, the Warbirds put up a dominating 21 points, almost half the team's final score, in the third quarter and secured their place at the top of the scoreboard. The Broncos secured 12 points of their own, but finally found themselves trailing the Warbirds by nine points at the quarter's end. The third quarter ended 42-33.

The Warbirds managed to hold their lead in the fourth quarter to clench the win 50-39. The Warbirds' defense held the Broncos to just six points, while their offense put up eight.

“As far as any one person standing out, I would say it was a great team effort on both ends of the court. Drew Frolek had 15, Kendra Kaczynski had 12, Gracie Kaczynski had 11 and Zoey Bohnenstingl had 10,” Erin Bohnenstingl said.

The Warbirds face off against the Central Cass Squirrels at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 23 at North Dakota State College of Science.

“For tonight's matchup, we have got to come out with high intensity from the tipoff and we need to play 4 solid quarters of basketball. We cannot get frazzled by their press. The girls need to take care of the ball and do the little things right,” Erin Bohnenstingl said.

She said it’s important for the Warbirds to slow the game down and keep Central Cass in a quarter-court game, while capitalizing on possessions. Rebounding is going to be essential for success, she added.

“Defensively we need to play hard nose, man-to-man aggressive defense and take Decontee Smith out of the game and keep her out of the paint and off the boards,” she said.

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