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The beauty of athletics are the life lessons sports teaches

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The beauty of athletics are the life lessons sports teaches

Now 72 years old, Tony Heitkamp of Hankinson has been keeping score book at boys’ and girls’ basketball games since he was a high school sophomore.

Tony Heitkamp of Hankinson may not have played sports in high school, but he’s been a key figure in Pirate athletics for 57 years as he keeps the official scoring book at boys’ and girls’ basketball games. Here is what Tony has to say about the importance of sports:

Question: Tell our News Monitor readers something surprising about yourself? Answer: Most of the kids who are playing are the grandkids of kids when I first started keeping score book. I’ve done this for a long time.

Question: Why do you keep coming back after so many years? Answer: I’ve just done this for so many years, what else am I going to do?

Question: How many more years do you plan to keep score book? Answer: After I had chemotherapy, I had trouble with my hip, otherwise I’m OK. I don’t really know how long I will be doing this. There is no end game. Until they don’t want me anymore, I guess.

Question: What is about sports you like the most? Answer: I just like watching it. They learn how to work together and play together, important life lessons.

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