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3 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT 'Not crowding the plow'

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3 THINGS  TO KNOW ABOUT 'Not crowding the plow'

Winter is dangerous with snow, blowing snow and ice. Here are 3 things to know about not crowding the plow this winter.

1st THING:

Every winter there are news reports about snow plows being struck while they are trying to clear North Dakota roads. Here are some things to keep in mind when meeting a snow plow on the road, as will begin happening frequently as the region heads into winter. Snow plows have poor visibility to the rear and blind spots at the rear, both sides and at mirror and door positions, according to the North Dakota Department of Transportation. Stay out of the snow plow’s no zone.

2nd THING:

Stay back at least five car lengths behind the plow, far from the snow fog. Snow plow operators will pull over when it is safe to do so to allow traffic build-up to pass. Be extremely cautious when passing a snow plow. They can be moved sideways by snow drifts and hard snow pack. Never drive through white outs or snow fog caused by cross winds or plowing snow. Wait until you can see.

3rd THING:

Be patient. Snow plows are on the roads to make them safer for motorists. Also, slow down and drive according to conditions. Most winter crashes are caused by driving too fast. Snow plows typically move at slower speeds. Turn on your headlights as this will increase your visibility to other motorists and snow plow operators. Remove snow from your vehicle that could cover headlights. Know where the snow plow is on multi-lane roads. It could be in either lane or on the shoulder, according to NDDOT.

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