Wyndmere Superintendent Morrison gets high marks

Superintendent Anthony Morrison, Wyndmere Public School

The Wyndmere School Board, according to evaluations made public, is satisfied with Superintendent Anthony Morrison.

Morrison’s evaluations were on the agenda when the school board met Monday, Nov. 15 at Wyndmere Public School. He was judged on a four-setting rubric, from “ineffective” to “highly effective,” and ranked “satisfactory” in each overall category score.

“I think it’s really wonderful,” Morrison said. “I’m grateful that North Dakota provides a lot of support for their (education) leadership. I work with the mentor program and I have a great mentor who has provided me with great support.”

Morrison’s mentor is Superintendent Brandt Dick, Underwood School District, Underwood, North Dakota. Morrison, who has served Wyndmere Public School since July 2021, said he has a great relationship with the school board.

“I think I really get a feel for what they want and I’m proud of that,” Morrison said.

News Monitor, as a public service, shares comments from Morrison’s evaluations.

“Although Mr. Morrison has not had a lot of time to specifically address the strategic plan to this point, he has been proactive, provided rationale and information for all requests, and has demonstrated a commitment and willingness to collaborate and compromise with the board,” Vice President Melissa Johnson wrote.

Johnson was one of four board members whose comments were included in the evaluations. The others were President Chris Busche, Kara Bernard and Andrea Haugen. A five-member body, the Wyndmere School Board is completed by Dave Puetz.

“Due to the short time Mr. Morrison has been superintendent, some questions relate to duties he has not had a chance to fulfill,” Busche wrote. “I think Mr. Morrison has settled into the superintendent role and become more relaxed and confident in performing the duties asked of him. I look forward to working with him in the future.”

Morrison received praise for ensuring that school facilities, equipment and supplies meet the needs of student and staff.

“Based on the recent update to the board related to the district’s insurance policy and reviewing it to be accurate, coupled with his perseverance on finding answers (and) a resource to assist with more major building projects forward, I find Mr. Morrison to be effective in this area,” Haugen wrote.

Johnson agreed, writing that she wanted to recognize Morrison’s identification of the concerns and working to remedy them. Additional time as a superintendent will better inform his operations and resource management performance, she also wrote.

“Mr. Morrison digging in to find that our current insurance policy is not correct (containing property that no longer belongs to the school and items that we have acquired that are currently not insured) speaks to his willingness to look into items that may have been overlooked in the past,” Bernard wrote.

The next school board meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday, Dec. 13 at Wyndmere Public School.

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