Chahinkapa Zoo staff, Dr. Matz assist in UND moose relocation

Chahinkapa Zoo’s Tom Schmaltz with the moose, which was darted and immobilized and then relocated from UND’s Memorial Field back into the wild.

On Tuesday, Sept. 3, we were called by UND Police Department officials. A female moose had wandered onto Memorial Field in Grand Forks and they requested our assistance in safely removing her and relocating her to the wild.

Captain Tracy Meidinger and his department were superb in collaborating the rescue. They had utmost respect for the animal and our zoo team. Chahinkapa Zoo has assisted in similar situations for over 25 years and many times unpopular decisions need to be made in wildlife management.

When an animal’s life can be saved it is a wonderful outcome. Another factor in this scenario was the public’s safety. Although the moose made it safely through Memorial Field gates, there was no guarantee that she would exit without danger. Causing a tragic accident in a highly populated city had to be considered. In the end, the best decision we found was to dart and relocate.

My thanks to Tom Schmaltz and Dr. Tim Matz for facilitating a successful rescue and release. Our hats are off to UND Police Department for handling the situation professionally with extreme consideration to public safety and animal welfare.



Kathy Diekman, director of Chahinkapa Zoo in Wahpeton

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