I have my class reunion this weekend. Breckenridge class of 1979! The older I become the more I appreciate how those years influenced who we have become. Truly! Our families, of course, are nearest and dearest to us all, but those impressionable years have indeed played their part on us as adults. I am lucky to have had a class of good friends and generally great people.

Not every day of high school was wonderful as we experience the ups and downs. But, mostly I still wanted to go to school everyday. As decades go I yearn for those days.

And let us not forget that high school years are not the only important ones in our class camaraderie. We knew each other for 12 years of our lives! Grade school memories are also deeply ingrained in who we are.

Naturally, there were different groups of friends formed by like interests. But, overall we all had each others’ back. There was always the support of a best friend or group of buddies to share our days no matter what was happening in our lives. We looked forward to football and basketball games, class trips, pep band school plays, and of course weekend events (aka shenanigans).

With today’s technology it is easy for old friends to connect and stay in touch. I will admit that I don’t participate in Facebook like I should although I know my classmates are a click away and I do check out their lives’ hoorays and hurdles.

Class of ‘79! I believe that we lived during a wonderful era. Schools were safer. Crime, although present was less than today. And there appeared to have been more respect for God and country.

But, alas let’s us not believe we are the last of the good ones. Far from it. I know there are still classrooms filled with good kids. They are not hard to find. We hear about “millennials” being self absorbed and enabled. Excuse me, but the millennials were raised by us baby boomers! They are an outstanding generation. And they are a generation that is getting things done. Along with our grandchildren we will be in good hands.

Today we celebrate our classmates who never stray too far from our minds and hearts. And tomorrow we continue to be the best that we can. It all started with them.

God Bless!

Kathy Diekman, director of Chahinkapa Zoo in Wahpeton

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