Once upon a time, there was a little girl.

She was lucky, because she grew up in a family that appreciated and respected the great outdoors. She and her sister were schooled in camping, hiking, fishing and a plethora of other nature activities. Their mom and dad also had a love for art, as was evident by the canvases and brushes in their household.

One sister chose a career path in science while the older sister worked hard in an inner-city school. As the years went by, the sisters parted geographically, but stayed close in spirit. Gathering for the holidays and special occasions as well as sharing joys long distance they were never far from each other’s heart.

This story is not unlike many siblings and not so uncommon. Except, of course, it is about yours truly and my older sister, Tami. You see, Tami also benefitted from those years with our adventuresome and artistic parents.

Tami started out in nature and eventually sought the country years later, saying goodbye to her beautiful students in Minneapolis. Today, as a naturalist and artist in Wisconsin, Tami volunteers at a wildlife refuge and teaches art throughout the countryside.

Sharing her experiences, Tami will join us Thursday, July 11 for “Eagle Extravaganza!” Kids will learn about eagles in the wild and the Chahinkapa Zoo’s important role as a partner of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. A special art project is also included in this one time only workshop. While the event is Intended for school age students ages eight and older, we remind parents that the age suggestion is merely a guideline.

You may register online, by phone, or at the zoo. There are many Zoo School classes this summer and you can check them all out at chahinkapazoo.org. Pre-registration is required for all Zoo School classes and workshops.

In the meantime we will see you at the zoo, where nature is just minutes from your backyard. Enjoy it with your family, as it makes an impact for years to come.

In Nature,


Kathy Diekman, director of Chahinkapa Zoo in Wahpeton

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