Radio. It is here for us. It is free of charge. It soothes us. It puts us in a happy place when feeling blue. It often sets the tone for our entire day. It is good. People say our country is changing too fast. Our world was turned upside down. Nothing is the same. Radio. Turn it on.

Newspaper. Good old fashioned manuscript. Hold it in your hands. The light scent of paper is therapeutic in its own right. If you walked in to a newsroom you would witness the hard work of timely reporting, writing, and editing all the while knowing that a news day can change in an instant. It is sometimes a thankless job. There is much to know, seek, and deliver. Newspaper. Turn the page.

Radio. There is nothing like hearing familiar voices reporting the news. If good news we feel they are celebrating with us. If bad news, it is somehow easier to hear from our friend behind the microphone. Local sports, anniversaries, and guests in the studios keep us connected. Radio.

Newspaper. Local, regional, and world news. Award winning stories and amazing photos draw us in as if we are there in person. Classifieds, advertisements, community calendars and so much more. Newspaper.

Chahinkapa Zoo is thankful for our local media. KBMW and the Daily News have been good to us. And they are good for our community. Competing with other social media with streaming news and music, downloading apps, and finding enrichment other places are nice options. However, let us not forget the people who make things happen.

Support our local radio and newspaper. When you see superb zoo and community stories in larger city papers or radio, check closely … quite often they were written by Daily News or KBMW professionals and picked up by the Associated Press.

Gratitude from Chahinkapa,


Kathy Diekman, director of Chahinkapa Zoo in Wahpeton

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