It's the little things that matter

Elliot Stone, son of Aly and Aaron Stone, shows his new cheetah cub to the otters.

It’s the little things that matter. If this time of uncertainty has taught us anything, it is that!

Reminders are all around us. Just look and listen. Special day makers this week include the following. Enjoy.

A mother and daughter duo were at the zoo Monday The four-year old told Dave, an employee, that she wanted to see a baby kangaroo, “so much!” Dave pointed over her head and exclaimed, “Look! There is a little one right there!” The young visitor was overwhelmed by the sight of the Joey kangaroo alongside his mother. She exclaimed, “Oh Mommy!” followed by a thoughtful silence … and then ... “I have a tear of joy in my eye!”

Visitors’ emotions are contagious. I don’t mind telling you that Dave had a tear in his eye as well.

Two snow leopards came to us Monday from Roosevelt Park Zoo in Minot. A breeding pair named Ramani and Marty. They arrived at 3 a.m. transported by Tom Schmaltz, curator and Dr. Tim Matz, DVM. Our entire zookeeper team volunteered to be on site to help unload this precious cargo in the middle of the night. I am never surprised at the dedication of our team and what makes these transfers so endearing is knowing that there is an equally devoted team in Minot waiting to hear the news of a safe trip.

A toddler named Elliot was with his baby sister and mother. He was enjoying his plush cheetah cub from Margie’s gift shop. He was excited to show his new critter to our otter pair. It made for a perfect youngster giggle and great photo opportunity. On these overcast days people supply the only sunshine needed.

See you at the zoo! We are ready when you are!

Kathy Diekman, director of Chahinkapa Zoo in Wahpeton

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