In five days, you will be gathering at your Thanksgiving table. Perhaps your turkey is smaller because loved ones are not traveling during this time.  With restrictions in place and officials working hard to keep people safe, we need to endure with limitations.  It is alright to feel a bit sorry for ourselves because of travel restrictions, social distancing, quarantine and other mandates.  However, let us first remember that many of us at least have a loved one in our home or a close friend nearby.  My thoughts are with the good folks in assisted living and nursing facilities.  Many of them will be eating their holiday meals alone in their rooms as they have done for so many months already.  I long for the days of visiting these in homes and can once again share the stories, programs and laughter.

In the meantime allow me to make a plea. Anyone reading this can help get the word out. We can each be a day maker for a special resident in our community.  Directors and staff at Benedictine Living Community-St. Catherine’s,  Siena Court and the Leach Home of Wahpeton, and Twin Town Villa of Breckenridge would very much appreciate letters for their residents.   You can simply address it to “Resident” (as names are confidential) with the facility’s address and they will distribute to their wonderful tenants. 

Sharing a story, a memory of a holiday past, or a little about yourself and your family is all it takes to warm a heart.  Cards are so appreciated as well.  Perhaps you find a clipping of something funny that can bring a chuckle or even a snicker.  All it takes is a stamp and envelope.   

There are other special programs in place as well.  To inquire about other needs call the facility of your choice.

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for so much in our community including our wonderful management and staff at our fine living facilities who make an impact each and every day!

St.  Catherine’s Leach Home

1307 7th St. N. 714 4th St. N.

Wahpeton, ND  58075 Wahpeton, ND  58075

Siena Court Twin Town Villa

711 14th Ave. 615 Durum Dr.

Wahpeton, ND  58075 Breckenridge, MN 56520

God Bless.

KATHY DIEKMAN is the director of Chahinkapa Zoo in Wahpeton.

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