Sorry, folks, for the lapse in my columns the last few weeks. Work life has been very busy (take a drive through the park and you’ll know what I mean) but I’m back.

As it’s that time of year, I’d like to dole out a few “thanks” to people who help make this city a great place to live, work and play.

Thank you to the city council and city staff here in Wahpeton. I’ve been on both sides of the council dais and trust me, there’s a lot of work that goes into running a city. We have dedicated elected and appointed officials, and I appreciate the work that they do day in and day out. I also want to say thanks to those on our street crew for all the help around the holidays, as well as other times I’m in a bind and need assistance. And the guys at the water plant. I don’t have to spell out how important that is.

Thank you to the residents who step up and help out, whether it be volunteering with our non-profits or just sending kind words to someone who’s struggling. I’ve seen a lot of compassion in this community the last few weeks and it reminds me of how good we have it here.

Thank you to the business owners who weathered the storm of COVID-19 and kept chugging along. It’s been a tough couple of years now but I hope we’re turning that corner and will see even brighter days ahead.

Thank you to Parks and Recreation for providing our citizens (and visitors) with terrific places to spend their time. In decorating Holiday Lane, I see a lot of people just passing through Chahinkapa before going about their day. We’re fortunate to have places like that. And we’re fortunate to have our zoo in town, a place for residents and visitors alike to learn more about nature and wonder at those animals that share our planet. Despite recent scrutiny, I can tell you the zoo is a true asset to Wahpeton and the city wouldn’t feel the same if it were gone. Just ask anyone around the region what they know about Wahpeton. I’ll bet that’s one thing keeps coming up.

Thank you to our schools, educators, staff and coaches. You all play in integral part of moving our kids forward and teaching them things they’ll remember for a lifetime. Having been through the school system and watching my kids roam the same halls I know what they mean to all of us, young and old. Huskie pride!

Thank you to our police and fire departments that work day and night to keep us safe. You withstand a lot of ups and downs and come through it with dignity. You’re truly appreciated.

Thank you to the non-profits and service clubs in town. You provide services despite limited funding and help. We wouldn’t be the city we are without you.

If I left anybody out, I sincerely apologize. Let me just send a broad THANK YOU to all of you out there making Wahpeton the Community for a Lifetime.

Chris DeVries is Wahpeton’s Community Development Director.

Chris DeVries is Wahpeton’s Community Development Director.

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