If you have been watching the news as of late, you have most likely heard that some politicians in Washington want to allow boys who identify themselves as girls to use women’s bathrooms and showers.

Now that Democrats are the majority in the House, they have done just that — they passed what is known as the “Equality Act,” House bill H.R. 5. This bill allows gender-confused boys to choose whichever restroom they please, and — on top of that — allows them to join girls’ sports teams.

Does Collin Peterson support such nonsense? The voters of Minnesota’s Seventh District have kept him in office for nearly 30 years and he should know what we stand for and believe in. Why then did he hide the fact that he not only voted for the bill, but also sponsored it as well?

At a town hall meeting on June 1 of this year in the town of Lancaster, Peterson denied that he knew what the bill was about. He later backtracked on this lie to say that he had co-sponsored it to keep his senior position on the Agriculture Committee. “The bill wouldn’t have passed anyway,” was his excuse. But, if Democrats ever again control the Senate and the Presidency along with the House, it certainly will pass and become law.

The Equality Act is a simple rewrite of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1968 Fair Housing Act. The Democrats added sexual identity and gender orientation to the definition of “sex” in the original laws. Under H.R. 5, any woman claiming to be a man or any man who thinks he’s a woman is granted the same legal rights that these civil rights laws confer upon racial minorities.

Sexual minorities could, in fact, be granted protected class status and given preference in hiring under affirmative action. Businesses would be required to hire defined percentages of sexual and gender minorities (as well as pay for gender reassignment surgery).

The so-called Equality Act is a direct assault by Democrats on religious liberty and imposes a perverted sexual ideology on the nation. It would make it easier for sexual predators to share bathrooms with little girls, punish doctors for treating gender-confused children, and take away the rights of parents to decide what is best for their children.

For those parents who have daughters on sports teams, H.R. 5 would allow transgenders to compete with girls and put them at a physical disadvantage (an issue that has caused headlines in newspapers and digital articles across the nation), while setting new records in the process.

Do you support this law? Then keep voting for Collin Peterson and left-leaning politicians. They won’t do anything to stop it.

Paul Lysen,

South Haven, Minnesota

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