I feel it’s time to vote (North Dakota) Representatives Sebastian Ertelt and Kathy Skroch out! These Representatives don’t understand or respect what’s important to (North Dakota) communities like Wyndmere, Milnor, Oakes and Rutland.

Both Representatives voted no on a bill that would provide much-needed money to each township to assist with snow removal and road maintenance from the spring floods. I guess their idea of good government for rural North Dakota includes roads that are not plowed in the winter and left without repair when our farmers and ranchers need them the most.

The Legislature passed a bill relating to parking spaces for the mobility impaired – Rep. Ertelt was one of five that voted no. Why?

A bill to fund the veterans' home was also passed. Representative Ertelt was one of seven that voted no. Why?

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg; an iceberg that includes many no votes for widely supported behavioral and mental health legislation.

Rep. Skroch doesn’t see how our district, with many small towns, would benefit from using our Legacy Fund earnings for overdue infrastructure projects, or maybe she did and didn’t care? Both she and Rep. Ertelt voted no. Thankfully, it passed with wide bipartisan support.

Our communities, built on agriculture and K-12 public schools do not seem to be top priorities when it comes to their voting records. Representatives Ertelt and Skroch don’t align with our values. And I strongly believe we should not send them back to Bismarck in 2020.

Kyla Temple

Rutland, North Dakota

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