Now that the legislative session has ended and summer has begun, I would like to highlight the work of Representative Alisa Mitskog.

Mitskog has been extremely active and her ability to work in a bipartisan manner and get things done is commendable. In addition to carefully weighing each vote, Mitskog is not afraid to present ideas and sponsor legislation which has often been successfully passed and made into law.

Her compassion, desire to make a difference and dedication is evident in her accomplishments. She works on issues that directly impact citizens of District 25. Mitskog’s work this session has helped nearly every age group in our state.

Mitskog sponsored and helped pass House Bill 1515, which expanded medical assistance coverage for low-income pregnant women ensuring better outcomes for newborns and mothers. She sponsored House Bill 1477, seeking to reduce the epidemic of vaping by youth by increasing the fine for the sale of flavored nicotine to minors.

In my opinion, her biggest accomplishment was passing House Bill 1475. This bill supports hardworking North Dakotans who juggle work and school by making tuition reimbursement tax exempt. This bill also benefits employers seeking to attract and retain qualified employees. She also provided leadership in co-sponsoring House Bill 1171, which establishes a skilled workforce scholarship program for high demand occupations in our state.

She also worked with Republicans in co-sponsoring Senate Bill 2139, which restores state cost sharing in local snagging and clearing projects. Mitskog served on the House Ethics Committee, which was tasked with establishing the rules and guidelines of Measure 1. This legislation established Article 14 of the state constitution and helped lay the groundwork for the new ethics commission.

Welcome home, Alisa. Thanks for a job well done in Bismarck.

Nancy Richels,



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